This article is about a/an zord in Power Rangers Jungle Fury.

The Lion is Jarrod's animal spirit. It can fire spirit blasts from its mouth. It's large body charges at opponents with its fangs and blade tail.
Dai Shi, possessing Jarrod, utilizes this spirit to armor Jarrod up. As Dai Shi, he unleashes the 'Spirit of the Mighty Lion' as one of his finishing moves.
Like the rangers' animal spirits, it actually has the capability to solidify into a zord. It has the capacity to combine with the Jungle Pride Megazord to form top body armor with shoulder mounted blades and a sword weapon. Jarrod utilized this formation in the Final Beast Wars. Perhaps as a Pai Zhuq student, his Jungle Beast is modified to 'fit' the rest of the animal spirits.

Lion Attacks

  • Lion Bite Attack
  • Lion Tail Slash Attack
  • Spirit Blast Attack

Ultimate Megazord

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The Lion Animal Spirit has the ability to connect to Jungle Pride Megazord in a similar way to the Elephant Animal Spirit but with an added chest-plate. With the Lion, the Megazord finally gains a sword and uses it as a finisher spinning along with shoulder-mounted blades. The Chameleon Animal Spirit is along for the ride and attaches onto the Megazord's left arm as a rope-gun. It is notable that this configuration has five pilots instead of the usual three.
The toyline refers to the set with all five zords as the Ultimate Megazord set.


  • A Transforming Lion Animal Spirit was released in Jungle Fury (toyline). It is compatible with other zords in the Transforming series. It was released bundled with the Battle Megazord set, as well as the Fury Megazord set, which includes all the attachments for the Jungle Pride Megazord. A deluxe version was released by Bandai America, as part of the Disney Store Exclusive Ultimate Megazord Set with the Deluxe Jungle Pride Megazord, and the Deluxe Chameleon Animal Spirit Zord.

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