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Lights, Camera, Dax is the tenth episode of Power Rangers Operation Overdrive.


Dax gets the opportunity to try out for a movie called "Ninja Rumba," but Hartford insists that their mission is too important. Rose convinces Dax to defy Hartford and audition for the role just to see if he's good enough, but Dax finds himself accepting the role. Can Dax figure out his true priorities in time to test a new weapon?


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  • The plot of this episode is taken from Mahou Sentai Magiranger Stage 8: You're Just the Heroine. There are a few of things that this episode that mirrors Magiranger Stage 8 like Urara Ozu (Madison Rocca's counterpart) is convinced by Houka Ozu (Vida Rocca's counterpart) to try out for the lead role in the movie which Rose does the same exact thing to Dax & just as Urara realizes that her siblings needed her forcing her to quit the same thing happens to Dax as well. Unlike in Stage 8 in which the original lead actress was killed by the monster at the beginning of the episode & the movie is about cheerleading whereas Dax wants to be an actor instead of just being a stuntman & the movie is about Ninjas.

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