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This article is about a/an ally in Power Rangers Turbo, the third installment in the Zordon Era .
PRT Lerigot
Gender: Male
Ally Type: Associate
Season: Turbo
Homeworld: Liaria
First Appearance: Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie
Last Appearance: Shift Into Turbo
Number of Episode
Full list of appearances
Actor: Jon Simanton (in-suit performer)
Lex Lang (voice)

Lerigot is a wise Liarian wizard from the planet Liaria and a close friend of Alpha 5.


He holds a key that is capable of opening intergalactic portals throughout the universe. He is the descendant of ancient wizards who imprisoned Maligore on the island of Muiranthias. Lerigot is a short and furry male who wears wizardly robes. He uses this key to channel his magical energies allowing him to heal others, teleport himself, as well as other unknown powers. Lerigot can only barely speak human languages but apparently can understand humans perhaps through some form of ESP (Extra-Sensory Perception).

Divatox came to Liaria to capture Lerigot and force him to use his magical powers to guide her Subcraft through the Nemesis Triangle to Muiranthias and also to open the passage to Maligore's resting place. To make sure that he did what she wanted, Divatox kidnapped his wife Yara and his baby daughter Bethel. They were all rescued by the Turbo Rangers, but also they managed to cure their human friends, Jason and Kimberly, of the evil effects that Maligore had on them.

At the beginning of the television series, Lerigot had learned how to speak English, though he did not speak it fluently. He was called to the Power Chamber by Zordon and Alpha 5, to free Zordon from the time warp so he could return to Eltar and Alpha can accompany him. Once he did so, Lerigot himself returned to Liaria and is never heard from again.

Lerigot's Key in DivaTX hand

Lerigot's key

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