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This article is about a/an set of artifacts in GoGo Sentai Boukenger.
In GoGo Sentai Boukenger, the team is involved in the collection and maintenance of Precious which can cause havoc in modern times. Many of the most dangerous and important of these Precious are from the ancient civilization of Lemuria, which fell one-hundred thousand years prior to the present yet whose legacy remains secured as one of the greatest and most advanced civilizations of it's time.

Helmet of Ryuuwon

A helmet worn on the head of Creator King Ryuuwon from his first introduction. After he appears to die due to over-exertion culminating in the failure of obtaining Pandora's Box, the Precious detector is set off by the helmet making the Boukenger realize that it was a Precious itself, most likely of Lemurian origin, and that it should be stored within SGS's Precious Bank. However it was all a ruse, becoming a means for Ryuuwon to sneak into the bank undetected as a means to reobtain the Egg of Lemuria.

It is unknown whether the helmet was a true Precious or not: it may have been but it was always on his head even when originally transformed and likewise disappeared when Ryuuwon changed back into a human. Due to Precious ultimately being defined as artifacts given power by people's dreams, it is possible that the helmet itself became such an artifact due to Ryuuwon's connection to it during his brief departure and that it may have gained some power that others may have used themselves.

Golden Sword of Lemuria

A golden sword implanted in the ground by the ancient civilization of Lemuria; it is said that whomever controls both this sword and the egg of Lemuria will control the world. The sword is tracked down by two opposing forces: Ryuuwon, who wishes to utilize the full force of Lemuria to prove the domination of the Jaryuu, as well as Professor Hanzou Igarashi, who wished to protect the sword from all treasure hunters (which included Ryuuwon as well as Akashi and SGS) who desires it for their own selfish means as opposed to it's importance in history and knowledge. When the sword is finally reached, all parties try to take it, even with the knowledge that the Golden Sword will only choose one worthy enough to weild it. Though Ryuuwon, Igarashi and Akashi all fail the test, Akashi continues to pull it, finally getting it out by stating to the sword that worthiness is only determined by whomever makes their own destiny. With the sword in hand, Bouken Red uses it to slay the Lemurian Mythical Beast, but discovers an even bigger surprise when unhooking a latch revealing it's true form...Task 29: The Golden Sword

Egg of Lemuria

A golden object constructed like an egg, which opens up with hatches at the top end. According to legend, whomever controls both the egg and sword of Lemuria controls the world just as the ancient civilization had. The egg is initially discovered by Ryuuwon, who had hoped to use it to finally show his power and domination in connection with an insatiable obsession with the powers of Lemuria. Although giving it to two Jaryuu to protect, one of them accidentally opens it, releasing the mythical beast within and leading to the minions dropping it as the creature is defeated by Akashi and the Golden Sword. Gajah ultimately finds the egg himself and reveals the truth regarding it's construction: it was in actuality a vault of genetic material allowing for the infinite creation of mythical beasts as long as it remains operational. The Gordom leader creates another, yet infuses it with a Gordom Engine transforming it into his Modified Mythical Beast Gordorum. After defeating the new mythical beast/Gordom hybrid with the Golden Sword's true form of Great Sword Man Zubaan, the Boukenger claim the egg.Task 29: The Golden SwordTask 30: The Rage of the Golden Majin

After too many failures and with a body starting to fail him due to over-exertion, Ryuuwon once again decides to make a final move to obtain the Egg of Lemuria; this time believing that by entering into the Precious, he would cast off the remains of his humanity completely, becoming a pure dragon. After appearing to "die", his helmet is taken to the SGS Precious Bank, where Ryuuwon had hoped to find the egg; but Akashi faces him instead in a final showdown, preventing him from reclaiming it before he turns completely back into a human and is killed by the S.G.S. themselves as they blow up their own bank to prevent the Precious within from ever being used again.Task 47: The Box of Despair

Sun of Lemuria

The most valuable treasure of Lemuria; it possesses a power similar to that of a battery, allowing for the conversion of the power of Lemurians and utilize it for their own purpose. The power is collected from the Lemurian's own life force, taking away their own life in exchange for powering itself up for the purpose of it's master. The Sun was sealed away in a chamber which also contained Lemurian Princess Lilina, the last survivor of the civilization who was placed in there a hundred-thousand years prior to the present day and was sealed away in a casket that allowed her to age one year for every five-thousand, thus making her 20 when she was found by Masumi. After her discovery, she was given the name of "Natsuki Mamiya" and taken along with Masumi's treasure hunting, leaving the artifact there unknowingly.Task 2: The Dragon ThievesTask 33: The Sun of Lemuria

When Ryuuwon realized he needed a massive power source to activate his Grand, his most powerful Wicked Dragon, he utilized the assistance of the Questers to kidnap Natsuki and take her back to where she was found, where the Sun of Lemuria laid. With the Precious and Natsuki's own power awakening it, he places it within the Wicked Dragon making it nearly unstoppable and easily defeating Ultimate DaiBouken until the rescue of Akashi, Souta and Sakura by their new weapon, the GoGo Voyager. Ryuuwon continued to force Natsuki to charge the Precious with Zubaan protecting her until Masumi finally broke through the brainwashing she had been held under by realizing her true memories were the ones created in the present, not the past. But by the time Natsuki was free, Ryuuwon had enough energy to power Grand through another assault, using the power to even create a fortress to protect the mech. However the full Boukenger team together combined the GoGoVoyager into the fighting form of the mech: DaiVoyager, which made easy work of Grand.

After reclaiming the Sun of Lemuria, it revealed one last purpose to Natsuki: a message left by her parents about the fall of their civilization and about their desire to use the power of the artifact for peace. Natsuki decides to store the Precious away, knowing of her current connections and no longer bound by her past. Task 33: The Sun of LemuriaTask 34: The Distant Memories

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