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"Worst vacation ever!"
―Leisure's final worlds before her death[src]

Leisure is a summer-themed monster who was sealed thousands of years ago by Koda's grandfather. She is the twin sister of Loafer.

Character History

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Compared to her brother, Leisure is much more aggressive in nature. After being released, she quickly attacks the rangers in anger as payback for being imprisoned.


She can send a special beam of sunlight which turns the environment sunny and makes humans lazy.

Holiday Beam

Leisure using Holiday Beam

Behind the Scenes


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  • In Kyoryuger, Loafer is actually the main villain, whereas Leisure, is actually a clone of him, instead of a sister.
  • On the Surfboards on her back, bare the words 'Deboth Gun Team Canderrilla'
  • Leisure's Ice Cream Arm: Triple Scoop Twist attack as performed by its ice cream cone drill arm is a reference to the Triple Drill Attack performed by Super Mega Silver's Q-Rex Megazord in Power Rangers Super Megaforce. Ironically it was performed on the Plesio Zord which, like the Q-Rex Megazord, has three different forms (flying vehicle, dinosaurid form, and Megazord).
  • Leisure and Loafer are the second Neo-Saban Era Power Ranger monsters who used a same Sentai monster. The first was Glytcher and Gremlin who used Waraikozou of the Gremlin from Goseiger.
  • She is one of the few villains in Power Rangers Dino Super Charge who is explicitly not one of Sledge's Outlaws.

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