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"Flower for the lady."
―Leaky Faucet[src]

Leaky Faucet is a robot faucet monster brought in to battle the Rangers on a movie set. He was capable of spraying liquid out of his pipe mouth and of stretching out his mouth to attack the Rangers.

Character History

He merged with three other monsters to form the eye in front of Bucket of Bolts. Invasion of the Ranger Snatchers

He was later resurrected by King Mondo and Queen Machina, in an attempt to convert the Earth's water into Cog oil, a toxic oil. This Leaky Faucet wore a blue hard hat rather than a yellow one. Morphing into liquid, he could travel through underground pipes, releasing the machine sludge from his glands as he made his way to his planned destination. Billy pointed out that this version of Leaky Faucet was more lethal than the first one. His ability to turn into liquid allowed him to avoid the Rangers' weapons, so Tommy used freon to freeze him when he was in his liquid form. After he grew, he was destroyed for good by the Zeo Ultrazord. Oily to Bed, Oily to Rise


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Powers and Abilities

Leaky Faucet mouth stretch

Leaky Faucet stretches out his mouth to attack the Rangers.


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Behind the Scenes



  • At a QnA panel at Rhode Island Comic Con 2012, Jason David Frank identified "the faucet monster" as his favorite villain.[1]

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