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Lamp Shadow (ランプシャドー Ranpu Shadō) is a Shadow Monster armed with the Arm Lamp Scythe (アームランプ系サイズ Āmu Ranpu-kei Saizu). He has the ability to hypnotize people with an evil light and steal their Imagination. He does this to Tokatti, Mio, Hikari, and Kagura, as well as the children of the town, leaving Right the only one left with any power to face him. He also possesses a powerful heat beam to attack with. After Right manages to restore everyone's memories, they use all the Ressha to form Chou ToQ-Oh to finally destroy Lamp Shadow.


concept art


  • ID Number: Zero 109-11
  • Station Building: Yaminokage
  • Motif: Lamp
  • Height: 205 cm (45.1m: giant)
  • Weight: 192 kg (422.4t: giant)
  • "Yaminokage" is the portmanteau of "Dark Shadow" and Mikage (御影), a railway station in the Hokaido Prefacture.
  • Lamp Shadow mirrors Deratsueigar from Gokaiger, both were the monster of the week/fortnight in the eleventh and twelfth episodes of their series, both are imperial guards, and both were destroyed by the Sentai's latest robo formation (Cho ToQ-Oh/Shinken GokaiOh).
  • Lamp Shadow is noted to be a unique Shadow in the series, as it is capable of creating light and using it, when Shadows normally avoid light.

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