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Lady Gozen (御前様 Gozen-sama) was the master of the first Shurikenger and former leader of Unified Ninja School. Her real name, as revealed in episode 44, is Kakura (覚羅 Kakura).


The schools got their technology from the spear stone and her, which is why Ikazuchi had a Karakuri system compatible with the one Oboro designed for the Hurricaneger. She has been alive for the past five hundred years. She was the keeper of the mysterious spear stone (the other medal, the spear going with the Raging Arrow). It was in her forehead and was considered her third eye. Her father decided his daughter made a good place to hide it. She was first mentioned in episode 39. Shurikenger gets a call from her while he ate gyoza. He then walks in blinding white light to Gozen who is in a box of curtains. It has two dividers in each side. They are yellow-tinted and have green ropes and green top edges. Inside, Gozen floats in a lotus position. He is spoken to but we don't hear it, he is told that the stars are going out. In the wars between ninja clans, her entire family was slaughtered and she ran off to safety to protect the stone.

A spray was developed by Oboro to take away the gold dust, it was helped by Gozen. Gozen happen to call Mugensai and Oboro happened to answer the phone. But Gozen told Shurikenger not to use the spray. The spray was faulty, it caused the rangers to freeze. Shurikenger told the others he was up to something but he said, "I don't know". The Gouraigers asked if the info was from Gozen and he said "Yes." He offered to take them to her in the Tenkuujin. He took them to an island. They appear in a black background to the curtain box where she was. They rolled up the curtain to find a cute big teddy bear. They felt like fools until Shurikenger found a scroll with a message.

In episode 43, Mugensai the guinea pig talked to Gozen who had a modified male voice. She made her first physical apperance in episode 44. Gozen is so shocked that she comes out of her hiding to help. Gozen appears in a bright light to help them. After the defeat of Badogi, she comes down. Sandaru threatens her and she fights him with energy and Hurricane Red intervenes, bringing down Sandaru. She had come out now to bring the power of the medal to protect the world and defeat the Jakanja. Sandaru was after her because she has a jewel.

In episode 47, we learn that her father had a tree planted being the only thing left from her childhood. By the time of now, the tree was very tall. Sadly the Jakanja burned down the tree once she entered the battle with our heroes. The stone kept her alive so doesn't have any need to eat. Shurikenger was her bodyguard. Gozen and the spear stone was a core for both Ikazuchi and Hayate Way schools. Mugensai did not know whom she was or that she was a woman because she hid her identity so well. She died after Sandaru used the spear stone's sibling stone to pull it from her head. The power sustaining her ran out and she vanished from the Hurricanegers' arms.

Ten years later, she has a relative who exactly like her as Unified Ninja School's head.

Behind the scenes


Lady Gozen is portrayed by Hitomi Miwa (三輪ひとみ Miwa Hitmoi) who later portrayed Rena Mamiya/Uca Worm in Kamen Rider Kabuto.