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Kubak and Teksa were employed with the task of assassinating Trakeena and framing the Red Galaxy Ranger for her death. When they intervened with Trakeena's battle against Leo, she defeated them with trouble, Teska being the first to fall under her sword. She spared Kubak and demanded to know who put him to the task. Kubak, however, hesitated long enough for Deviot to shoot him.

He was presumed dead like his comrade until he grew, distracting both Trakeena and the Galaxy Rangers from their present matters. Trakeena left Kubak to deal with them and the Rangers quickly called upon the Galaxy Megazord to battle him. Kubak was no match for the Megazord which easily destroyed him with its Missile Launch attack.


Kubak, like Teksa, is cunning, and always serious, when battling.

Powers and Abilities

Kubak has proven to be much more powerful than Teksa, and possesses many powers and abilities, such as:

  • Kubak Sword: Kubak uses this sword to aid him in battle.
  • Red Energy Lasers: Kubak can fire red energy lasers from his hands, it is powerful enough to take down Trakeena in one hit.


  • Kubak is the first monster to be faced and destroyed by the Rangers without using the power of the Lights of Orion since the Rangers received that power. He is also the first monster to be destroyed by the Missile Launch attack since the Galaxy Megazord gained its Lights of Orion upgrade.

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