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This article is about a/an set of grunts in Power Rangers S.P.D.
S.P.D. = Krybots 01
Gender: Asexual
Villain Type: Footsoldiers
Season: S.P.D.
First Appearance: Beginnings
Last Appearance: Endings
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Krybots are the Enemy Foot Soldiers in Power Rangers S.P.D.. They are robotic drones that serve as the Troobian Empire's grunt force. They are summoned in massive squads from spherical devices resembling their heads. They are armed with mounted blasters on their hands.

Krybots come in three different colors: White, Blue, and Orange. White is the most common and the weakest type. The Blue-Head Krybots are stronger and smarter than the Whites and serve as Emperor Gruumm's personal guards. The Orange-Head Krybots are even more powerful than the Blues and serve as battlefield commanders. They were all destroyed in Endings part 2 during their raid on Delta Base along with the Blue and Orange heads.

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