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This article is about a/an ranger-like villain in Power Rangers Mystic Force.

Koragg is a fearsome warrior created by The Master after harnessing the power of Leanbow and is the secondary antagonist of Power Rangers Mystic Force. He along with the rest of The Master's minions were trapped for twenty years, later being freed to to free the Master himself.

The First Koragg

Main article: Leanbow#Koragg, The Knight Wolf

The first Koragg unlike his allies was very honorable in his fights with Bowen even at one point telling him to pick up his weapon because he was defenseless.

Eventually Koragg's sense of honor was noticed by his allies and his sense of loyalty was called into question. In a separate episode he was even attacked by two monsters that insulted him and his honorable views and believing him to be beaten mocked him with "See where your honor got you." however Koragg returned and took his revenge saying "If you live without honor you will fall without honor."

As time went on it was learned that the first Koragg was Leanbow and eventually the Master's dark influence was overcome and Leanbow was freed.

The Second Koragg

Main article: Nick Russell

Even though Leanbow was freed from being Koragg and freed from The Master he soon faced Koragg who was in fact his son corrupted by the same dark magic as his father once had. However Leanbow was able to help his son resist the dark magic of The Master, thus becoming good again.

Knight Wolf





  • Knight Saber
    • Fang of the Master (Used after the destruiction of his first Knight Saber and the death of Morticon. Later, reforged into a second Knight Saber.)
  • Wolf Shield

Appearances: Episodes 1-12, 15-23, 26-29, 31


Centaur Megazord

Centaur Megazord has Koragg fuses with Catastros. Koragg joins with Catastros in its four-legged configuration, becoming a giant centaur.

Appearances: Episodes 2, 5, 6, 27


Centaurus Wolf Megazord

Catastros becomes a suit of armour around Koragg and becomes Centaurus Wolf Megazord. His weapon, a glaive, is a staff made of Catastros' mane and tail.

Appearances: Episodes 5, 6, 8, 9, 11, 16, 21, 23, 27


  • The way Koragg was created is very similar to the storyline of the Original Green Ranger and Katherine Hillard. As in both instances Tommy and Kat were forced to be evil and were turned into either a power ranger or a monster.
  • Koragg's relationship with Leanbow is very similar to the Lunar Wolf Ranger Merrick Baliton's relationship with the org Zen-Aku. Although Koragg's identity is related to two other civilian identities.
  • Koragg in the Japanese dub of Power Rangers Mystic Force is voiced by Yasunori Masutani.

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