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This article is about a/an ally in Denji Sentai Megaranger.

Komutan is a young anglerfish-type Nezire Beast born from an egg that landed in the hands of Kenta Date and hatched by him.

Character History

In preparation for the Anglerfish Nezire, an egg utilized by Neziregia for their creation was made but accidentally left the hands of Bibidebi and ended up found by Kenta Date. He hatched the egg into a small, anglerfish-like creature that he named Komutan and decided to raise and show him the joys of humanity. However, this was looked down upon after being discovered by Neziregia who was forced to take the creature back. Ultimately after trying to defend the Megarangers, Komutan was absorbed by Anglerfish Nezire, leading to its power-up and enraging Kenta and the team to defeat him. He was freed by Kenta, but sadly, he was murdered by Anglerfish Nezire which makes Kenta enraged that he avenges Komutan's death.


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Behind the Scenes

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Komutan concept

Concept art.

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