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This article is about a/an ranger in Uchu Sentai Kyuranger.
"Big Star! Koguma Skyblue"
―Koguma Skyblue's role call[src]

Kotaro Sakuma (佐久間 小太郎 Sakuma Kotarō?) is a young boy who defied Jark Matter's occupation of Earth with his younger brother, Jiro Sakuma. He later becomes Koguma Skyblue (コグマスカイブルー Koguma Sukaiburū?, lit. Little Bear Skyblue), the eleventh member of the Kyurangers.[1] His alternate form is called Ooguma Skyblue (オオグマスカイブルー Ooguma Sukaiburū?, lit. Great Bear Skyblue).

Character History

While the adults refused to defy Jark Matter to make it easier for everyone, Kotaro and his brother refused to accept the oppression, leading to them being caught up in the fight between the Kyurangers and Jark Matter which resulted in the boys being caught by Stinger who, though ordered by Eriedrone to kill them, decided instead to keep them hostage so as to force the eight Kyurangers to surrender their Kyutamas. The brothers' bond reminded Stinger, secretly a Rebellion spy operating within Jark Matter, of that he once had with his own older brother and so he told them to watch out for each other. Ultimately, while Eriedrone intended to kill the brothers regardless, Stinger dropped his facade at the last minute, saving the boys before joining with the Kyurangers to take down Eriedrone, raising the hopes of the previously disillusioned adults. Space.5: 9 Ultimate Saviors


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Koguma Skyblue




Ooguma Skyblue



Behind the Scenes


Kotaro Sakuma is portrayed by Shota Taguchi (田口 翔大 Taguchi Shōta?).


  • Of the 88 constellations, Koguma Skyblue represents the constellation Ursa Minor and Ooguma Skyblue represents Ursa Major, "The Bears".
  • Koguma Skyblue is the first Sentai ranger with a bear motif since Saki Rouyama from Go-Onger.
  • Koguma Skyblue's ability to upgrade to Ooguma Skyblue makes him similar to Kou (KibaRanger), & Justin Stewart (Blue Turbo Ranger). The difference is that Kou & Justin's stature grew to adult-size directly during the morphing sequences.

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