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The Knasty Knight was a black knight themed monster created by Rita Repulsa using an evil spell. He serves as the main antagonist of the episode "Happy Birthday, Zack".


Knasty Knight in Finster's Book

Knasty Knight in Finster's book

Knasty Knight was first used by Rita on Tarmac 3 where he killed finest warrior of Zordon, who fought on the side of good. The Knight is notable for not being one of Finster's creations, and for giving the Power Rangers a stiff challenge. Rita decided to use Knasty Knight to destroy Zack and made his birthday his last day. Squatt & Baboo forged a sword for the Knight to use against the Power Rangers. His special power was the ability to reflect the Rangers' energy attacks back at them. The Knasty Knight was on page twelve in Finster's spellbook. When sword was forged, Rita summoned him, using the following incantation:

"Moon of ivory, stars of old, candlelight that's spun of gold,"

"Sky of fire, stars of wind of fright, bring to me a Knasty Knight".

Rita and her minions attacked Zack and brought Knasty Knight. However Zack fought the monster enough to wait the other rangers come. When rangers together fought the knight, he broke their weapons with his sword. Then Rita enlarged the monster. In the giant size Knasty Knight broke the sword of Dino Megazord. But Zack realized that Knight reflect the energy and the rangers used it against him. The rangers used Megazord and reflected the beam of Knasty Knight on him and finally destroyed the monster. Happy Birthday, Zack

10,000 years ago, the Knasty Knight took the Sword of Darkness away from Zordon's soldiers during a battle. The Sword was presented to Rita Repulsa as a prize. Green With Evil


Knasty Knight doesn't have big personality. He is shown to be brutal, ruthless snd unpredictable warrior. He is also faithful to Rita.

Powers and Abilities


  • Sword:


  • Can reflect most attacks causing weapons to be burned.

Behind The Scenes

Vouce Actor

Knasty Knight was voiced by Tom Wyner.


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