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This article is about a/an set of monsters in Samurai Sentai Shinkenger.
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Kirigami (切神 Kirigami?, Cutting God) (28, 34, 40, 43) are monsters created by Akumaro from real kirigami he makes by using his claws to cut paper in the shape of a monster. All of the kirigami he created were giant-sized and so far it's not known if he can create human-sized kirigami or only giant-sized. The Kirigimi have two variatiations: Those with metal pincers for hands, and those with normal hands that wield swords. The first Kirigami the Shinkengers faced was destroyed by Secret Lantern Daigoyou, the second time by a combination of ShinkenOh, DaiKaiOh Minami and MouGyuuDaiOh, the third time by Samurai Ha-Oh and the final time (see picture) by ShinkenOh and DaiKaiOh Higashi.



concept art

  • The Kirigami can be seen as evil counterparts to the Shinkenger's Origami, as both are artificial beings based on a form of paper-craft.

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