This article is about a/an villain in Power Rangers Zeo, the second installment in the Zordon Era.
"Very soon, all that we survey shall be ours to rule. With an iron hand!"
―King Mondo after banishing Rita.[src]

King Mondo, also known as the Machine King, was the ruler of the Machine Empire and the main antagonist of Power Rangers Zeo.


Power Rangers ZeoEdit

Driving Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd off the moon, Mondo believed the Earth would be an easy conquest, but was shocked when his army of Cogs was repelled by the Zeo Rangers. Intrigued by the idea of being challenged in a conquest, Mondo decided to take his time trying to conquer Earth, as he had gotten bored of the easy takeovers of other galaxies.

However, Mondo soon grew tired of the Rangers, who repeatedly thwarted his plans. The conquest of Earth was made even more difficult when the Gold Ranger arrived and bolstered the Zeo Rangers' ranks, despite repeated efforts by the Machine King to take the Gold Ranger's powers for himself. Mondo finally tired of fooling around and unearthed the ancient Sword of Damocles, intending to personally destroy the rangers. He grew giant and confronted Earth's defenders, but was vanquished by their new Super Zeo Megazord.

Despite this victory for the rangers, Queen Machina expressed confidence that Mondo would be rebuilt. During this time, the Royal House of Gadgetry had to deal with potential usurper Louie Kaboom, who tried to woo Machina but eventually placed her and Prince Sprocket under arrest and ruled by decree. Mondo's first son Prince Gasket soon arrived with his wife Archerina, took care of Kaboom, and then took over themselves.

King Mondo returned to the throne shortly after chasing away the two. He clashed with the rangers in battle with his new monster Cog Changer. When Rita and Zedd threw down their gauntlet and sent down their own monster, Mondo asked them for a temporary alliance and merged the two monsters, but this plan failed. After a failed attempt to steal the Gold Ranger Powers again, the Royal House of Gadgetry met with Rita and Zedd on the moon to strike up an alliance. However, they were double crossed as Rita and Zedd's "surrender" gift was actually a bomb. Mondo and his family were blown to bits but Mondo survives, though he is badly damaged and swore vengeance.

Power Rangers in SpaceEdit

Mysteriously rebuilt once again, King Mondo attended Dark Specter's conference on the Cimmerian Planet with his wife and was present when a mysterious red ranger crashed the party. Months later, he teamed with General Havoc and led the Machine Empire in invading KO-35 and the Phantom Ranger's homeplanet. When Zordon's energy wave struck, King Mondo was reduced to a pile of sand, destroyed forever.

Power Rangers: Wild ForceEdit

King Mondo legacy statue

King Mondo's statue

Years later, General Venjix, the leader of the Machine Empire remnants, still looks up to his former king as a living god over creation. Before his destruction, he is sad that he has failed his king years after the Machine Empire fell. King Mondo is mentioned by Venjix, as he shows to his minions a statue of him.


True to his name, King Mondo acts very much like a king, he is a ruthless entity that will do anything in his power to destroy the Rangers and rule the Earth, despite this, he is loyal to his monster creations and is good terms with his family, as well as his servents Klank and Orbis.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Being the ruler of all machines, King Mondo is one of the most powerful villains in Power Rangers Zeo, he is also shown to be more powerful then Rita herself.

Normal FormEdit

  • Strength: King Mondo posses a great deal of strength.
  • Lighting Beam: King Mondo can fire a light blue colored lighting beam from his finger.
  • Force Feild: King Mondo can conker a force field to prevent the Rangers from teleprting.
  • Teleportation: King Mondo can teleport to any location at will.
  • Boxing Combat: Humoriesly, it is shown that King Mondo is excellent at boxing.


  • Machine Staff: King Mondo posses a staff to aid him in combat.
    • Lighting Balls: King Mondo can fire electric bolts from staff.

Super FormEdit

  • Enhanced Strength: With the Sword of Damocles in hand, Super King Mondo is now ten times as strong as before.
  • Enhanced Durability: Also with the Sword of Damocles, Super King Mondo now gains thicker skin, being ablw to withstand blows from the Super Zeo Zord 3 and not even get a scratch.


  • Sword Of Damocles: A weapon that King Mondo seald away 1,000 years ago, it aids Super King Mondo in combat, it is shown to be more powerfuler then the Machine Staff, being able to detroy the Super Zeo Zord 3's weapon.
    • Energy Laser Barrage: An upgraded form of the lighting balls fired from his staff, King Mondo can fire a barrage of red colored energy lasers from his sword.

Behind the ScenesEdit


  • King Mondo is portrayed by David Stenstorm.


  • Mondo's title of monarchy is a misnomer, since he's a king, not an emperor like his Sentai counterpart, who rules the Machine Empire. However, this misnomer can be excused, since a similar thing happened in real life, as the historical British Empire was still ruled by kings and queens.
  • Mondo is notable for being the first main villain in the Power Rangers franchise to be destroyed in direct combat against the Power Rangers, albeit only temporary.
  • He is the only villainous leader from the Zordon-Era to be destroyed in Countdown to Destruction. The others, namely Rita, Zedd, Divatox, and Astronema/Karone, were all purified from evil and changed into humans.
  • King Mondo is the very first final Power Ranger villain in the Power Ranger franchies to be a robot.

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