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This article is about a/an changer in Chouriki Sentai Ohranger.
King Brace
Used by: Kingranger
Produced by: Pangaea
Production Order
Power Brace
Accel Changer

"Super-Powered Transformation!"

King Brace (キングブレス Kingu Buresu): Riki (KingRanger)'s version of the Power Brace. Gold-colored (as opposed to the Ohrangers' silver-colored brace) with a Storage Crystal with a "king" ( Ō) shape. The transformation call is "Super-Powered Transformation!" (超力変身! Chōriki Henshin!), the same as the other Ohrangers.

Transformation Sequence


  • In Power Rangers Zeo, the Gold Zeo Ranger uses his Golden Power Staff (King Stick) to morph rather than a Zeonizer variant. Despite this, the King Brace was released in America as the "Gold Ranger Zeonizer". The full setup was never seen in Zeo, although the Storage Crystal was shown being inserted into Pyramidas during its first appearance.
  • In The Power of Gold, the final scene of Riki's transformation sequence into Kingranger (the "King" kanji zooming out and reforming on his visor) appears to show the Gold Ranger's first appearance.

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