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This article is about a/an ranger in Power Rangers (2017), existing in a different continuity than the TV series.
Kimberly Hart
PR Kimberly Still
Pink Ranger
Gender: Female
Movie: Power Rangers (2017)
Color(s): Pink
Homeworld: Earth (Power Rangers 2017 Continuity)
First Appearance: Power Rangers (2017)
Last Appearance: Power Rangers (2017)
Number of Episode
1 (Movie)
Full list of appearances
Actor: Naomi Scott
Pink Ranger
Pink Ranger 2017
For the original TV version of this character, see Kimberly Ann Hart.
For the 1995 movie version of this character, see Kimberly Ann Hart (1995 movie).
"I feel like we need to go back up there."
―Kimberly to Jason and Billy[src]

Kimberly Hart[1] is the Pink Ranger of the Power Rangers.

Character History

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Kimberly used to be Queen Bee of Angel Grove High, but has been cast out of the popular clique and is now struggling to find her identity. She has a new rebel-without-a-cause, edgy attitude, but this front is hiding a secret that makes her feel deeply vulnerable.[2]

Video game appearances

Power Rangers Legacy Wars

The reboot Power Rangers fight with Rangers from the mainstream universe in Power Rangers Legacy Wars.

Pink Ranger


Pink Ranger


  • Pink Power Coin



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Behind the Scenes

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