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Kimberly Ann Hart is the Pink Ranger of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, as well as the All-New Power Rangers, of which she is the de facto leader.

Character History

Kimberly Hart is a gymnast who was chosen by Zordon to wield the power of the Pterodactyl Power Coin to become the Pink Ranger. She was relatively new to Angel Grove, as she moved to the city only weeks ago and at first is unable to get along with her classmates. She was called the "Salad Girl" by Zack and Trini in the early days of school due to an incident where she complained about a salad at a fancy restaurant Zack worked at, who was then fired by the manager when Kimberly's parents complained about "the help" even though Zack was just a busser. She harbored a little resentment of the move to Angel Grove, as she left all her old friends behind and was unfamiliar with her new surroundings such as Angel Grove High, even going so far as to state she hated the city. Making things worse was the constant arguing of her parents, their eventual divorce and seeing her father preparing to marry another woman named Kelly whom Kimberly does not get along with.

She is a romantic individual, beginning her tenure in a budding relationship with Matthew Cook and later developing a relationship with Tommy Oliver. Her mother and father divorced at some point before the main series and, though she initially wanted them to reconcile, her mother remarried and moved to Paris and then to St. Moineau, France.

She loses her powers and is re-powered as a Green Ranger with Tommy's Power Coin during the battles against Lord Drakkon's Black Dragon. They are re-powered during a battle with Finster's created Goldar clones. Afterwards, she travels to the alternate future to help the rebel forces fight back against Rita and save Tommy and Billy who had been lost within.

Kimberly is sent, along with Trini, on an intergalactic mission to retrieve pieces of Zordon's staff from a black market dealer named Zosma.

At some point, she and Tommy did develop a relationship but she eventually gave up her Power Coin to Kat Hillard to pursue a gymnastics career full-time. Unlike Zack, Trini and Jason who had left before her, she did not use The Sword of Light to transfer her power, this left her with latent pink energy that Zordon was able to manifest into a new form of the Pink Power Ranger. Kimberly would acquire this power when her mother, step-father and the citizens of their home in France had been transformed into monsters by Goldar. After leading a new group of All-New Power Rangers and saving her family, Kimberly was willing to once again give up her power until a call for help from Tommy left her unquestionably dedicated to saving them. They arrive to help, though she had the opportunity to reunite with her former love, Kimberly opted to leave the battle without a word opting to move on from their relationship.

Pink Mighty Morphin Ranger


Ranger Costume

This is Kimberly's default Ranger form as given to her by Zordon through the Power Coin.



Green Kimberly Boom

Pink Ranger with Green Ranger powers

With the Pink Ranger powers taken by the Black Dragon, Tommy Oliver sacrificed his powers to activate the powers of the other Rangers.



New Pink

All-New Pink Ranger

Kimberly, no longer a Ranger, became one again through the Sword of Light.


Rabbit! Dress! Best Match!

During one short adventure in "A Spot of Trouble", Kimberly was transmogrified into a pink rabbit wearing a miniaturized version of the dress she was wearing during a charity ball. Though helpless, Kimberly seemed to have retained enough of her human intelligence to recognize her friend Trini was in danger and jumped in the path of an attack meant for her. She was later restored to normal and based on her remarks, remembered everything that happened to her while she was a rabbit.



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