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KillerGhost (キラーゴースト, Kirāghotsu, 30-31): A monster-clone created by Mikoto Nakadai using a LifeBerry, modeled after AbareKiller in AbareMode, with Mikoto speaking through the monster. KillerGhost was so powerful it managed to capture 5 of the Bakuryuu, as part of Mikoto's sick game: The Abaranger had to destroy KillerGhost or their friends were going to be melted down. But the Blastasaurs managed to withstand the heat so Mikoto decides to place them all under his control unless the Abarangers defeat KillerGhost. However, Killer Ghost proved to be strong enough to defeat the Rangers until the StyRiser was activated and AbareMax killed the monster just in time.

Lijeweloid KillerGhost Generation II

Lijeweloid: KillerGhost Generation II (ジュエロイド・キラーゴーストII世, Rijueroido Kirāgosuto Nisei) (40): KillerGhost was later revived by Lijewel, who upgraded with more power than before and to a medium for her voice. Abarenoh with a DinoGUTS power-boost was able to defeat him, but he had survived, and after being freed from the Cursed Armor, AbareBlack was able to kill him forever.

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