This article is about a/an changer in Gosei Sentai Dairanger.

"Chi-Power Transform! Kiba Changer!"

Kiba Changer (キバチェンジャー Kiba Chenjā, Fang Changer): Kou's own transformation device. It has a golden key, called Kiba Emblem (キバエンブレム Kiba Enburemu), that is inserted into a brace similar to the Aura Changer's left piece, the Kiba Spreader (キバスプレッダー Kiba Supureddā). The transformation call is "Chi-Power Tenshin, Kiba Changer!" (気力転身, キバチェンジャー! Kiryoku Tenshin Kiba Chenjā). In the later episodes, sequence appears almost similar to Dairanger's one, but with the Kibaranger symbol spinning rather than Dairangers' one.

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