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Kettei Banki (ケッテイバンキ Kettei Banki?, 48): A Barbaric Machine Beast sent by Kegalesia and Kitaneidas. It was modeled after all of the Barbaric Machine Beasts that came before him, therefore able to use all their attacks. In Japanese, Kettei means 'definitive.' He is scrapped by the combined finishing attacks of Engine-Oh, Kyoretsu-Oh, and Seiku-Oh.


concept art

Weapons Armament

  • Blade Sword (Finisher: Blade Slash)
  • Mega Blaster (Finisher: Blue Buster)
  • Fury Chainsaw (Finisher: Saw Slicer)
  • Zoom Laser (Finisher: GP Luster)
  • Cut Axe (Finisher: Cutting Slashes)
  • Fire Gun (Finisher: Gun Lock-On Fire)

Combination Weapons

  • Sword Blaster (Finisher: Slashing Blast)
  • Chainsaw Axe (Finisher: Slice Cutter)
  • Laser Gun (Finisher: Lock-On Laser Fire)


  • Oil Banki's Flamethrower Tool
  • Speaker Banki's Destructive Sound Waves
  • Bouseki Banki's Shuuurrria
  • Hikigane Banki's Bullets
  • Hammer Banki's Destruction
  • Heater Banki's Fiery wind beam
  • Chainsaw Banki's Cut
  • Pipe Banki's Sticky Coal Tar
  • Spray Banki's 1, 2, 3 push
  • Hatsuden Banki's Lightning attack
  • All out attack (Finisher)

Special Weapons

  • Rolf (Finisher: Slash Striker)
  • Renten (Finisher: Nirvash Vanish)
  • Eureka (Finisher: Nirvash Vanish)
  • Haji (Finisher: GP Finish Slash)
  • Saya (Finisher: Chiropteran Slash)
  • Horonderthal (Finisher: Dinosaur Explosion)
  • Animal Path (Finisher: Beasts Blast)
  • Yoshjiro (Finisher: Saber Finish)
  • Mirin (Finisher: Dual Blaster)
  • Reika (Finisher: GP Finishing Attack)H
  • Akina (Finisher: Blade Buster)

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