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LG Galaxy Book Keonta Spell

Galaxy Book during Keonta Spell

The Keonta Spell is a form of magic in the Galaxy Book that opens and closes portals into the Lost Galaxy. The spell was introduced in the episode Enter The Lost Galaxy.


The first time the spell is spoken a pulse of energy was released from the book and knocked out the colony's transformers. Commander Stanton deems its too dangerous to continue researching the book and orders it be locked up. When the Galaxy Book is taken from its Guardian by Deviot, the words "Keonta, Karova, Melanite, Hakova!" resulted in a atmospheric change while sparks of energy were released from within the book. The final part of the spell, spoken in English, opened the portal to the Lost Galaxy and drags Terra Venture through the wormhole.

In Escape The Lost Galaxy, Leo and Kai attempt to open the portal by repeating the first part of the spell and nothing happens. A moment later, the two recite the spell in reverse, the Galaxy Book disappears from their bedroom and opens the portal out of the Lost Galaxy.

Keonta Spell

Keonta, Karova, Melanite, Hakova
A thousand nightmares will soon come true.
Space will twist, then rip in two.
Reality ends, time is tossed, as galaxies found become galaxies lost!

Keonta Spell when spoken in Reverse:

Avokah, Etinalem, Avorak, Atnoek


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