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Kelzaks are the foot soldiers of Lothor. They can be summoned to a certain place by the Personal Alien Manager. They use daggers to fight their enemies and are extremely hyperactive. Kelzaks were also capable of firing beams of energy out of their hands.

A red, upgraded version of Kelzaks were the Kelzak Furies that were created by Marah's friend Beevil. They are three times stronger than the regular Kelzaks.

In an alternate dimension, the Kelzaks are shown with the other monsters co-existing with humans. Some Kelzaks helped Mayor Lothor fight the Evil Ninja Rangers.The Wild Wipeout

The Kelzaks were either destroyed by the Ninja Storm Rangers, sent into the Abyss of Evil, or scattered somewhere in the universe.


The Kelzaks wear black patterned jumpsuits with fur.

Power Rangers: Super Legends

The Kelzaks can be seen in Power Rangers: Super Legends.

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