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This article is about a/an changer in Denji Sentai Megaranger.
Used by: MegaSilver
Produced by: Professor Eikichi Kubota
Production Order
Ginga Brace

The Keitaizer (ケイタイザー Keitaizā?) is a flip cellular phone device that MegaSilver used to transform. To transform, he pressed a button on the side to open the flip covers, then he pressed 2 (M) + 5 (E) + 8 (G) + 0 (A) and pressed the arrow button which meant 'Enter'. Red letters flashed 'Mega' on the round screen. It uses many of the same features as the Digitizer (but with MegaSilver's own unique vehicles) and is also used as an actual cell-phone. The device's name is actually a play off of "Keitai Denwa", or "cellular phone".

  • 2580 - MEGA: Ranger transformation. (Transformation call is "Keitaizer, install!" (「ケイタイザー、インストール !」 "Keitaizā, insutōru!"?))
  • 259: Calls Auto Slider.
  • 148: Activates MegaSilver's scanner (computer icon).
  • 506: Alerts MegaSilver (sound icon).
  • 730: Plays the Megaranger theme song.

Transformation Sequence


  • The Keitaizer is the first cell-phone based transformation device in Sentai history. This would become a common motif of Sentai transformation devices with many of the teams of the 2000s.

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