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This article is about a/an suit actor in the Super Sentai series.

Kazutoshi Yokoyama (横山 一敏 Yokoyama Kazutoshi) is a recurring suit actor. He acted as Grifforzer in Kyoryuu Sentai ZyuRanger for battle scenes (though the character was primarily played by Takashi Sakamoto for most sequences). Scenes of both Yokoyama and Sakamoto's Grifforzer were used for Goldar's character in the first season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. They stopped this for the most part in the second season when Danny Wayne Stallcup started to mainly portray Goldar (except for the episode Goldar's Vice-Versa, where archive footage of Yokoyama in the Grifforzer suit can be seen for the episode's Megazord battle).



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