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This article is about a/an enemy mecha in Ninpu Sentai Hurricaneger.

Karakuri Giant Megatagame Sexy (メガタガメセクシー Karakuri Kyokan Megatagame Sekushii?, 46): Piloted by Spear Four, Wendinu, who changed the name from the original Karakuri Giant Megatagame Mark IV, based on Megatagame II's Hurrier Form. Its special attack is the "Dark Throwing Kiss", where it releases a powerful kiss-themed beam from its' mouth. Wendinu used Megatagame Sexy to bring out Senpuujin and Goraijin, being overwhelmed by Senpujin Hurrier until FurabijenRobo & GiantMusasabiSuit arrive. Megetagame Sexy overpowered Tenkujin until Hurricane Dolphin latches so Hurricane Blue can graffiti Wendinu's face, leaving her unable to fight back as Megatagame Sexy is destroyed by the Revolver Tenrai Senpuujin.



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