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This article is about a/an song in Juken Sentai Gekiranger.

This is the third of seven "character themes" used as the ending of Gekiranger. This one for Retsu Fukami was utilized in Lesson 41: Zushi-Zushi! No More

  • Lyrics = Takayoshi Tanimoto
  • Composer/Arranger = Hirakawa Tatsuya
  • Singer = Fukami Retsu (Mampei Takagi)

Romanized Lyrics

Original Japanese lyrics Approximate translation into English

oozora no kyanbasu ni
sagashite ita ore no ao
hontou no fantastic blue

Oh kaze ni fukarete
kono mune hari sakesou de
naite itan da

Just break it out!
tsukenukeru aosora ga
mugen no yuuki tokihanatsu
Just make it out!
azayaka na imeeji de
saikou no yume wo egaite miseru

haruka naru kizuna sae
iro asete iku you de
kakusenai tomadoi wo
toji komete ita

Oh nigeba ga nakute
hontou wa kokoro no oku de
sakende ita

Just break it out!
mushin ni kake nukereba
osoreru mono wa nani mo nai
Just make it out!
azayaka ni kimeta nara
shouri e no hana wo sakasete miseru

Oh kaze ga izanau
chikara wo kokoro no oku de
kanjite ita


In the canvas of the heavens
I’ve found the blue of myself
The real fantastic blue
that I cannot draw

Oh blown by the wind
This heart seems to be splitting
and cried

Just break it out!
The attached and falling blue sky
will release the limitless courage
Just make it out!
With a vivid image,
I’ll draw out the best dream to show you

Even the bond is becoming far,
Even with the fading color,
It cannot hide,
locking up the bewilderness

Oh, there is no escape
The truth is that the depths of my heart,
I cried.

Just break it out!
If I run through innocently
There’s nothing to be afraid of
Just make it out!
If I decide clearly,
The flower towards victory will bloom and show.

Oh I felt the strength that the wind
calls out in the
depths of my heart


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