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Jordan is a civilian who falsely claimed to be the Red Ranger.


Jordan pretended to be the Red Power Ranger to impress his friends. As a result, Jordan became popular. When Dragonflay reappeared, Jordan felt obligated to prove himself to his friends by facing him, despite his fears. Mocking Dragonflay, the monster decided to fire lasers at him, but the Rangers rescued him on time. After being rescued, Jordan followed the Rangers to a forest. Sensing Jordan's impending arrival, the Rangers morphed before he could see them and told him following someone without their knowledge is wrong and lying is wrong. They also told Jordan it takes more than desire to be a Ranger and if he's going to help the world, they suggested to Jordan to be himself. The Rangers even let Jordan train with them for a while. The next day, Jordan decided to tell the truth. Though he lost many friends, he became friends with Troy. Stranger Ranger

He later appear in the Ranger's visions of the past. Raising Spirits


  • Jordan seems to have quick reflexes as he was seen catching his ice cream without making a mess.
  • Jordan is the second Power Ranger Wannabe. First one is Boom. However it should be noted that Jordan never dons a ranger suit nor dream about it.