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This article is about a/an producer in the Power Rangers franchise.

Jonathan Tzachor is an American producer and director best known for his work on Power Rangers. Tzachor worked on the show until 2002's Power Rangers: Wild Force. He was most recently an executive producer for the Power Rangers series Power Rangers Super Megaforce.

Tzachor's tenure

Tzachor's time spent as producer brought many firsts to the world of Power Rangers in terms of storywriting and character development for Power Rangers. Edgy themes were used (particularly in Power Rangers in Space and Power Rangers: Time Force) instead of the usual comedic tone, and actual casualties of good characters, which had been occurring in tokusatsu for years, began to be implemented. It would also mark the first time that Power Rangers started fresh every season after Power Rangers: In Space. While earlier series through Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy relied on entirely original plots with the Sentai footage to support them, starting with Time Force, the shows grew to be closer to their Super Sentai counterparts. This trend continued into the Disney era when he no longer worked on the franchise, as well as his return during the Saban Brands era.

Disney era/departure

After Disney's acquisition of the franchise, Tzachor's final series, Power Rangers: Wild Force, would be a split season. Because of Disney's recently-completed acquisition of Fox Family Worldwide (and therefore Saban), the first half aired on Fox Kids, while the second half aired on ABC Kids. Ironically, Tzachor was succeeded as producer by the person from whom he took the reins in 1997, Douglas Sloan. MMPR Productions was shut down, and production of the show was transferred to Village Roadshow KP Productions in Auckland, New Zealand (now known as Ranger Productions).

The Wild Force finale, The End of the Power Rangers, which was Tzachor's final episode with the franchise until Power Rangers Samurai, was directed by him.

Saban Brands era

After Disney sold the Power Rangers brand to Saban in the form of Saban Brands, Jonathan Tzachor was hired as Executive Producer on the eighteenth season of Power Rangers, Power Rangers Samurai. He remained in the role until the end of Super Megaforce

Directing credits

Views on Canon

Jonathan Tzachor has expressed views concerning the canon of Power Rangers that have caused controversy in fandom. He apparently regards the Disney-era seasons (Ninja Storm - RPM) as non-canon, and, in that all of their series take place in their own universe, apart from teamups, all seasons of Power Rangers are also in their own canon. However, the crossover with Samurai and RPM, The Clash of the Red Rangers, shows that this isn't the official canon policy of the franchise.

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