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Jimon Kagawa is an author of adventure novels, and the favorite writer of Satoru Akashi of the Boukengers.

Character History

Kagawa was a writer who used to be more sympathetic and caring to adventurers in his stories until he gained a cynical nature with the changing times. One day in a European religious store, he discovered notes of a madman one-hundred years ago who created a ritual for creating "dragons". Seeing these notes, Kagawa became inspired to create darker stories involving dragonoids fighting each other for one to become more powerful.

While appearing harmless fictional inspiration, the Boukenger begin to see a connection when Ryuuwon begins to conduct a similar ritual to Akashi's latest story within his adventure magazine, forcing Bouken Red to ask Kagawa to find more about this. Kagawa reveals his current cynicsm regarding what is popular even with Akashi desiring him to create more inspiring stories like he used to, thinking the world will ultimately be destroyed by Ryuuwon's ritual. However with Akashi standing up to the Jaryuu forces, he becomes inspired once again to create new stories where heroes (adventurers) would emerge to face down the dragons that were created through the dark ritual, similar to the Boukenger battle with the Jaryuu.



Behind the Scenes

  • Kagawa writing a tale about Ryuuwon's Jakuryuu creation ceremony shows the similarity between him and his former character of Keflen: both manipulated genetic scenarios forcing evolution; with Keflen manipulating various genetic material into a new being while Ryuuwon using a Darwinistic "survival of the fittest" attitude where the strongest would evolve into a great warrior.