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"Yoo-Hoo! The jokes on you!"
―Jester after advoiding the Pink Rangers Magi Staff.[src]
"No fair! Thats a new weapon!"
―Jester after being hit by the Solaris Knights Laser Lamp.[src]

Jester the Pester is a gremlin/jester-like creature and is one of the many monsters of the Underworld, he is the first monster to be summoned by Imperious.

Character History

Jester was called forth by Imperious to use Dark Magic and attack the city. He was also given a Dark Pen to use in the city. With his first attack on the city, he terrorized the citizens of Briarwood, until the Mystic Force Rangers showed up. The Rangers fought as best they could, but the monster was too fast for them, and he managed to get away. However, before he did so, he placed a strange marking on the ground, with the pen he had been given. When he returned, he was about to place another symbol on the Earth. But before he could, the Mystic Rangers came by and the Blue Ranger washed the marking off with her Water Powers, she realized that he was planning on creating a giant Dark Seal on the city that will destroy the people of Briarwood. Jester explane his plans and attacks the Rangers, Highly annoyed, the Blue Ranger tried to battle the monster alone, but she was outmatched and after being hit hard, she demorphed.

Right before Jester could could finish off Madison, a frog jumped on him, and (due to his dislike of frogs) distracted him. This allowed the other Rangers time to get into the fight. While the other Rangers fought Jester, Madison kissed the frog that had saved her. That kiss broke the spell on the frog, and returned him to Daggeron. Once freed, Daggeron set out to take on Jester and the Hidiacs that had been summoned. The hero morphed into the Solaris Knight and took on the Undead Warriors with the Laser Lamp. The Hidiacs were defeated easily, Jester tried to escape through a wormhole in the ground, but the Solaris Knight used his Laser Lamp to force him out of the ground, Jester was finale destroyed by Jenji's Shinning Attack fired from the Laser Lamp by Daggeron.


Jester personality is similar to that of a clown, a loony prankster that loves to play around with his victims, he is also supremely argent, thinking that no one can catch him. But when it comes to fighting and being told of the plan by Imperious, he takes it seriously.

Powers and Abilities

  • Strength: Despite Jesters goof off personality and being one of the first monsters to be summon by Imperious, he is surprisingly one of the stronger monsters, powerful enough to out match all five Mystic Rangers in battle.
  • Hand-To-Hand Combat: Jester is also a skilled fighter, being able to take on all five Mystic Rangers in battle.
  • Speed and Agility: Jester was one of the more faster and agile monsters.
  • Hidiac Summoning: Jester can summon an army of Hidiacs to aid him in battle.
  • Extraordinary Leaper: Jester can leap in far distends.
  • Wormhole: Jester can concur a wormhole to hide in, or to sneak up and attack his enemy's from behind.
  • Elastic Arms: Jester can stretch his arms in incredible distends.
  • Lighting Vision: Jester can fire blue lighting beams from his eyes.


  • The Dark Pen: Jester has a pen to draw fake mustaches on other people.
    • Seal Symbol: Jester main goal was to draw four symbols in a square formation to created a giant dark seal underneath the city that will destroy the people of Briarwood, but one of the symbols however were wash of by the Blue Mystic Ranger, thus ruining his plan.
  • Right Arm Three-Bladed Claw: Jester can transform his right arm into a three-bladed claw for melee combat.
    • Energy Empowerment: Jester can charge up his claw with blue energy for an increase in power.
  • Right Arm Hammer: Jester can also turn his right hand into a red hammer for melee combat, it is strong enough to take Madison out of her Ranger Form.

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  • Jester is the first monster to be fought by Draggeron.

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