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Jayden's Challenge is the twelfth episode of Power Rangers Samurai. The episode delves into Jayden's past as a child and his relationship with his father, the previous Red Samurai Ranger. The episode also introduces the Battlewing Megazord.


Jayden leaves the Shiba house hoping to keep the other Rangers out of harms way but when a powerful Nighlok attacks, Jayden finally accepts the fact that he needs his team to fulfill his role as the leader of the Samurai Rangers.


Jayden leaves the Shiba house due to Robtish's actions against them. As he is going, Kevin is busy drawing up a new Megazord blueprint, which is combining the Samurai Megazord and Battlewing Megazord. Everyone is busy with doing their stuff.

Jayden then goes to the park and sees a kid crying. He makes the kid happy by making paper planes. Jayden thinks to himself this is how it should be. Suddenly, Robtish and his Moogers attack, in which Jayden tells the teachers to get the kids to safety. The crying kid goes to Robtish, picks his paper plane up, and Robtish looks down, in which Jayden takes him away. He tries to defend himself aganist the Moogers, but they easily knock him down.

The other Rangers come to save him, and when they are finished they focus on Robtish. Robtish is defeated by all of the Rangers and turns into a Megamonster. The Samurai Rangers then make their Megazord, and Robtish begins to summon his Flying Moogers to create havoc on the Samurais. Kevin gives Jayden his sketchbook, and along with Mike, form the Samurai Battlewing, make a Samurai combination, and create the Battlewing Megazord.

They fly in the air, destroying many Flying Moogers along the way, until the Moogers begin to retreat. The Battlewing Megazord however, catches up with them and quickly dispose of them and begin to fight Robtish. They use their Megablade, and quickly defeat Robtish. Jayden then accepts the fact he needs his team to protect the world, and to fulfill his role as the leader of the Samurai Rangers.


Power Discs

  • Red Samurai Ranger - Lion (Spin Sword - Quintuple Slash), Samurai (Fire Smasher), Tiger (Fire Smasher - Cannon Blast Mode), Lion + Dragon + Turtle + Bear + Ape (5 Disc Tiger Cannon), Samurai (LionZord), Tiger (TigerZord)
  • Blue Samurai Ranger - Dragon (Spin Sword - Quintuple Slash), Samurai (DragonZord), Swordfish (SwordfishZord)
  • Pink Samurai Ranger - Turtle (Spin Sword - Quintuple Slash), Samurai (TurtleZord)
  • Green Samurai Ranger - Bear (Spin Sword - Quintuple Slash), Samurai (BearZord), Beetle (BeetleZord)
  • Yellow Samurai Ranger - Ape (Spin Sword - Quintuple Slash), Samurai (ApeZord)


  • In the beginning of every Power Rangers Samurai, after a while into the show, the scenes begin. However, the Rangers can be seen unmorphed and scenes of the park are seen, which is quite impossible as this was also shown in other episodes such as Day Off, in which Robtish was never heard or seen yet.
  • Oddly enough, the Samurai Rangers are seen unmorphed. This was also shown in Super Samurai, but this was because Octoroo had placed special demorphing powers around Arachnitor's area, while here, there is nothing to prevent them from demorphing.

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