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This article is about a/an song in J.A.K.Q. Dengekitai.

  • Lyricist = Yatsude Saburou
  • Composer / Arranger = Watanabe Michiaki
  • Singer = Sasaki Isao

Romanized Lyrics

Original Japanese lyrics Approximate translation into English

Kono yo ni ai ga aru kagiri
Namida ga hoho wo nurashite mo
Dare ni mo shirarezu hohoemou
Moeru omoi wo moeru omoi wo mune ni hime
Hito wa yobu ore-tachi wo Jakkaa Dengekitai

Kono yo ni inochi ga aru kagiri
Tatta hitotsu no shiawase ni
Jibun wo sutete tsuppashirou
Tagiru chishio to tagiru chishio to toukon wa
Hito wa yobu ore-tachi wo Jakkaa Dengekitai

Kono yo ni hana ga saku kagiri
Kogarashi samuku fukou tomo
Omoidasumai mukashi no koto wa
Seigi no hata no seigi no hata no yuku tokoro
Hito wa yobu ore-tachi wo Jakkaa Dengekitai

With my love that has no limits
With tears falling down my cheeks
And with a mysterious smile that lights up my face
I am the princess whose emotions burn within my heart
We are called the JAQK Dengekitai

Our lives are boundless
Happiness is what we are searching for
It is not something to discard
With our blood boiling and with fighting spirit overflowing
We are called the JAKQ Dengekitai

Within these limitless blooming flowers
Are memories of sorrow that the cold wintry wind brings
These are the days that bring friends together
Here we wave the flag of justice, we wave the flag of juatice
We are called the JAKQ Dengekitai

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