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Izout is a powerful soldier themed mutant used by Frax. He is the tertiary antagonist of the episode "The Time Shadow".


Like all other mutants, Izout was created in the result of the science accident. Before the events of the season, he was captured by Time Force rangers and frozen in the Cryo-Prison. He was released by Frax in the ninth episode to help him get the Zirium Powder. He is very powerful mutant. Izout was armed with many guns and grenades and attacked the city with army of cyclobotes. He broke into a Bio-Lab, which belonged to Mister Collins, and stole Zirium Powder. The mutant gave Frax the Zirium Powder and Frax sent Izout to kill rangers and distract them from plan of Frax. Izout was ready to battle the rangers with his huge arsenal of weapons, but together they defeated him. Though, Izout removed chain of his DNA and enlarged himself. In the giant form, Izout was even more powerful and heavily damaged Time Force Megazord, with his grenades. But he was eventually defeated and frozen by Time Force flyer, with his freeze blasts. He was captured by rangers.

Though he never appeared any times later in the series, he made cameo in the other seasons.

In "Beginnings" Pt. 2, Izout was seen near the dumpster that Piggy's dumpster when the S.P.D. Rangers visited him.

In "Shadow" Pt. 2 and "Boom," Izout was seen as a customer at Piggy's restaurant.

Mutant Seal Patch Location: Right Leg


Like many other mutants, Izout is chaotic and boastful. He loves his job and thinks he is the best. He is cunning, sneaky and unpredictable, enjoys making traps for enemies, as he did with Megazord of rangers. But he is very loyal to Frax and very polite with him, always does his orders. He has some comedy qualities, has some sort of sense of humor.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

  • Enlarging: like all other mutants, Izout can enlarge himself, using his chain of DNA.

Arsenal Edit

  • Energy gun: Izout has a very powerful energy gun, which can blast powerful energy beams.
  • Grenades: Izout has many powerful energy grenades to fight the rangers. His grenades can damage the Megazord.

Behind the scenesEdit

Voice actorEdit

Izout is voiced by David Lodge.


  • Izout is the first mutant that worked for Frax.

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