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This article is about a/an villain group in Shuriken Sentai Ninninger.
Izayoi Way Ninja Army Corps
Shuriken Sentai Ninninger
Led by: Kyuemon Izayoi
Generals and other Notable Members: Speed Ninja Hayabusa
Sugoroku Ninja Ikkakusai
Puppet Ninja Kuroari
Substitution Ninja Mujina
Monster Types: Karakuri Kyuubi
Base: Kibaoni Castle
Allies: Kibaoni Army Corps
Grunts/Footsoldiers: Genin Supparage
Battled: Ninningers
Coexisted with: Kibaoni Army Corps
Chronological/Production Order
Kibaoni Army Corps

The Izayoi Way Ninja Army Corp (十六夜流忍者軍団 Izayoi-ryū Ninja Gundan?) are Kyuemon Izayoi's group of loyal Dark Ninja (闇の忍者 Yami no Ninja?) disciples. They are summoned through the use of scrolls and all utilize Izayoi Style Shuriken. In reality, though, they were the Secret Guards of the Kibaoni Army whom Kyuemon had usurped for his own machinations.


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  • Each one of the Dark Ninja's names contain the Japanese word of their animal theme. This is also reflected in the kanji emblazoned on each of their Gears.

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