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Ironite is a robotic tank monster.


He and Spikaka served as Deviot's guards when he disguised himself as Runtus, a merchant who once had possession of the Piink Quasar Saber. When the Galaxy Rangers arrived on Gwinnet, Kai and Damon drew Ironite and Spikaka away from the shack and restrained the two with chains. After Deviot had given the Rangers the wrong information, he freed the two and had Ironite tell Trakeena of the saber's location on Onyx. On the planet Kirassa, Trakeena, Villamax, and Ironite confronted the Rangers and were joined by Deviot and Spikaka.

When Karone became the new Pink Galaxy Ranger, Ironite was ordered to attack the Terra Venture while Spikaka kept the Rangers occupied on the planet. When his partner was defeated, the Rangers arrived to the colony as he grew and summoned the Galactabeasts to form the Galaxy Megazord. However, Ironite was too strong for the Galaxy Megazord so Kai called in the Centaurus Megazord which weakened Ironite with its laser cannon, allowing the Galaxy Megazord to destroy him.


  • In the Japanese dub Ironite was voiced by Yuji Kishi.

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