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Inugami Bōma (イヌガミボーマ Inugami Bōma) is a Boma Beast of the Hundred Boma Tribes under Dark Boma Zimba

Character History

Inugami Boma was summoned by Zimba for a scheme to change humans, and ultimately the Turboranger, into dogs. However when they discover that Haruna has found a hurt puppy she had saved from being run over, they lure it to their lair and change him into a human being in order to lure Haruna. The human-puppy was happy to be human if only to thank Pink Turbo, but didn't realize that this was a scheme to capture his new friend. Once captured, they turn the boy back into a puppy and then try to change Haruna into a dog, but fail to do so by the time the other Turboranger save her. While initially facing the tough power of the Boma Beast, Pink Turbo realizes that its canine mentality remains canine regardless of its Boma nature; telling it to "sit", the Boma Beast sits long enough for her to hit it with her Stick Boomerang, then with the V-Turbo Bazooka. After Zimba grows Inugami Boma, the Turboranger make quick work of it with Turbo Robo.


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It has multiple projectiles including a beam attack as well as beast-like fighting abilities. However, its strongest ability is to work in conjunction with a statue of itself, which allows for it to combine its power to turn humans into dogs or dogs into humans.

Behind the Scenes


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