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This article is about a/an monster in Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger.

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Character History

Intergalactic Hitman Gigantes (ギガンデス 11): From the planet Bileeza. Charged with wide-area homicide, he is an old academy buddy of Hoji's named Vino, who retired from the Space Police and reconfigured his body into a gun-for-hire, having grown disenchanted by the life of a Deka and lured into the life of a criminal by the money he is able to earn with his skills. Hired by Kajimerian Ben G to assassinate Doggie Kruger. Deleted by Dekaranger Robo, but not before revealing DekaBase info to Rainian Agent Abrella.


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Modus and Arsenal

  • As his name states, he can enlarge himself.



concept art


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Behind the Scenes

  • His home planet is named after Billy the Kid.
  • His name is named after Nobita Nobi (野比 のび太 Nobi Nobita), the main character of Doraemon series.


  • Intergalactic Hitman Gigantes were designed by character designer Yasuhiro Moriki.


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