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This article is about a/an Episode in Power Rangers S.P.D.

Insomnia is the thirty-fourth episode of Power Rangers SPD.


The B-Squad relive memories of their past failures after they overhear Commander Cruger and Kat talking about how the A-Squad might have defeated Gruumm by now. Also Gruumm is up to something big and Mora comes face to face with the Magnificence.


Commander Cruger and Kat are walking in the base. Kat tells Commander Cruger: I've overhaul the morphing grid and uploaded the relevant battles to the main frame for review. Still no word from the A Squad. Kat realizes that Commander Cruger isn't listening and stops him to ask why. Commander Cruger apologizes and tells Kat that he is thinking about the possibility of whether Isinia is alive. Commander Cruger continues by telling Kat that he thinks that if the A Squad had been around, Gruumm would have be captured by now. The B Squad walk by and hear this last piece of conversation. Stunned and hurt, the B Squad quietly walk away. That night, Z gets herself a drink in the rec room. Z is startled when Jack talks to her, and asks him why he is sitting in the dark. Jack is having doubts about his leadership skills. Z reminds Jack of how far they have come. Sky walks in and tells them that the realize they haven't always work as a team, and he blames himself. Z, again, reminds the guys of how they came together when it really matter.

Bridge walks in and begins munching on a cupcake - which is what he does when the end of the world is his fault. Sky, Z, and Jack tell Bridge about all the past events that he has helped on. Syd walks in and blames everything on herself . The rest of the cadets correct her, by pointing out what she has done in the past. The cadets then debate whether Commander Cruger became Shadow Ranger because he didn't think they could do the job.

The cadets start to put together clues on what Gruumm might be up to. They remember him taking diamonds and gold. The cadets figure he must be building something, but what? They remember another item taken, Iridium. Bridge tells them that Gruumm might have taken used the radiation from the meteor that Jack destroyed. They remember the last item stolen, Hemotech Synthetic restorer, and conclude that they are in big trouble and need to tell Commander Cruger. Commander Cruger walks in and asks them what it is that they need to tell him. The cadets all start talking at once. Commander Cruger silences them. Jack tells Commander Cruger that they had overheard him telling Kat that with A Squad, Gruumm would have been caught. Commander Cruger tells them that they hadn't overheard enough or they would know that he also told Kat that they have never been captured by Gruumm, something A Squad couldn't claim. The cadets realize that is true. Sky tells Commander Cruger that they suspect that Gruumm is building something big and Commander Cruger agrees. Commander Cruger tells them that they will discuss it in the morning after they get some sleep. The cadets start heading out and Commander Cruger stops them. Commander Cruger tells them to never forget that the fate of the world lies in their hands.



  • TBA


  • This episode marks the first appearance of Omni.
  • The events of Wormhole likely happened immediately after Mora saw Omni.
  • At the end of the episode, Mora has cut her hair.

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