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This article is about a/an monster in Power Rangers Ninja Storm.
"Hail Lothor!

I'm Inflatron!"

―Inflatron introducing himself to Lothor [src]

Inflatron is an ear and balloon-themed monster who serves as the primary antagonist of the episode "Double-Edged Blake"

Character History

Inflatron was summon by Zurgane to destroy Mariner Bay with Shimazu, The Wind Rangers(Blake being absent to train a young woman name Leanne) came in and try to battle Inflatron but they were quickly outmatch, The Navy Ranger came to the rescue and battled him with the new Thunder Blade, Inflatron retreated after a few hits, Blake had a showdown with Inflatron at the beach, and inflatron had the upper hand until the Navy Ranger's split Thunder Blade in two, used one half of the Blade to pop a hole in Inflatrons chest and the other half to ultimately destroy Inflatron with The Power of Thunder. Inflatronggrew large and the Wind Rangers used the Thunderstorm Megazord to fight him, Inlatron was to strong for the Thunderstorm Megazord alone, so the Green Ranger summon the Mighty Mammoth zord to form the Thunderstorm Ultrazord to final take out Inflatron for good.


This monster was full of hot air and loves to mock his victims.

Powers and Abilities

  • Rubber Durability: Being made out of balloons, some attacks from his enemy's will bounce off of him.
  • Balloon Breath: Inflatron can fire a barrage of colored balloons from his mouth in rapid succession, they can cause small explosions and could immobilize people.
  • Teleport: Inflatron has the ability to teleport to any place he wants.
  • Homing Sticky Balloons: Inflatron can summon and launch a barrage of colored balloons that will stick to the target and lift them high in the air, they are strong enough to lift the Thunderstorm Megazord off the ground.
  • Lighting Beam: Inflatron can fire yellow lighting beams from his eyes.


  • Whips: Inflatron has armed mounted whips for short and long range melee attacks, they can cause a burning effect on the target.

Behind the Scenes



  • Inflatron is the final monster to be fought by the Thunderstorm Ultrazord.

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