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This article is about a/an monster in Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue.

"You're no match for Infinitor!"

Infinitor is a sword welding knight-like lizard demon and is the primary antagonist of the episode "The Mighty Mega Battles".

Character History

The Rangers take on Infinitor and the monster manages to beat them do to his seemingly indestructible shield. Joel's quick thinking gives them the upper hand for Olympius to shoot his fireball at the monster by accident, which alowed the Rangers to use the V-Lancher Spectra Blast on him, this forces both him and Olympius to retreat. Infinitor returns to blast Angela Fairweather's car to trap her brother Clark. He battled Chad Lee while Joel saved Clark from the car that was about to explode, after words Joel morphed into the Green Ranger and land multiple hits on Infinitor, he had the upper hand until Infinitor used his shield, Chad morphed into the Blue Ranger and battled the monster but to no advail, Infinitor then summons an army of Batlings to hold the Rangers down for him to get a clean hit, he was about to make the final strike until the Green and Blue Rangers equipped the new Mega Battle Armors that Angela and Clak had built, Infinitor then orders the Batlings to get them, the Blue Ranger first used his Mega Battle to put out the fire on Miss Fairweathers car, and the Green Ranger used his Mega Battle to take down all of the Batlings, Infinitor was about to make a strike on the Green Ranger until the Blue Ranger used his Mega Battle to freeze the monster in place, the Green Ranger used his Mega Battle to destroy Infinitors shield and final used it to finish off Infinitor himself, he grows giant thanks to Jinxer and defeats both the Lightspeed Megazord and the Lightspeed Solarzord, the Rangers then summons the Omega Megazord but to no advail, right before Infinitor fired his Lighting Ray at the Megazord, the Omega Megazord avoided the attack and grabbed the Lightspeed Megazords Saber, they used the Omega Megazords finisher with the Saber in order to destroyed Infinitor once and for all.


Infinitor was an arrogant monster that thinks he can not be stopped, but he is highly loyal to Olympius.

Powers and Abilities

  • Strength: Infinitor is one of the stronger monsters, when he grows giant he is strong enough to throw the Lightspeed Solarzord miles away.
  • Armor: Infinitor has super strong armored that is strong enough to push back the V-Lancher's ultimate attack.
    • Energy Absorption: Also from the armor he can absorb energy base attacks.
      • Energy Reflect: After words he can fire that attack back at his enemy's.
  • Electrocution Touch: Infinitor can electrocute his enemy's on contact.
  • Missile Rain: Infinitor can rain down blue missile's from the sky


  • Demon Sword: Infinitor is equipped with a powerful sword for close melee attacks.
    • Flame Burst: From his sword he can charge up energy and shoot a fireball.
    • Lighting Ray: Infinitor's strongest attack, he can charge up energy and will fire a lighting beam from his sword.
  • Demon Shield: Infinitor is also equipped with a indestructible shield, it is strong enough to block the Omega Megazord's Omega Missie.

Behind the Scenes



  • Infinitor is the first monster to be fought by the Mega Battle Armors.

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