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This article is about a/an monster in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy.

Impostra was one of the many monsters among Scorpius' army that attacked the Magna Defender's planet and witnessed his son's demise. Called into service by Trakeena, Impostra disguised herself as Treacheron to trick Destruxo, and frame Treacheron, all at once.

Impostra wanted to take the Lights from Destruxo, and trap them into her urn but the Magna Defender intervened, destroying her urn with his Magna Blaster. Magna Defender shot Impostra out of the tree. Pulling herself off the ground, she claimed she would be back, however, she was never seen again.


  • Impostra was originally going to be killed by Treacheron at the end of Orion Returns, much like how her Sentai counterpart, Medoumedou, was killed by Budou. This was cut for time.

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