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This article is about a/an power in Ressha Sentai ToQger.
"Imagination! It is an eternal power that can light the world and make the impossible possible."
"Dreams. Hopes. Creations. Prayers. They all are the Imagination."
Rainbow Line President[src]

Imagination (イマジネーション Imajinēshon?) or the Light of Creation is a mystical power produced by human minds, and the source energy of ToQgers and their arsenal.


While any human can have Imagination, it is mostly produced by kids, even though some teenagers and adults still have ability to have it.


  • Imagination lets a person see the Ressha of the Rainbow Line.
  • Imagination powers the arsenal of ToQger, like their Ressha and weapons. The more imagination collected, the more powerful they are.
  • Imagination allows the ToQgers to make their arsenal work however they wish, and shape whatever they want.
  • Imagination, when concentrated enough, can dissolve even the deepest darkness.


  • Imagination-powered weapons, on their own, are useless against Deboth Army.

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