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This article is about a/an monster in Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger.

Illusion (イルジオン Irujion?) is one of the players of Team Quval.

Character History

Ep. 22: Awakening? Is it Wrong?

Ep. 30: The Legendary Megabeast

Ep. 34: Megabeast Hunter Strikes Back


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  • Medal Slot: Right shoulder
  • Blood Game: Turning various inanimate objects (And a parking garage) into bombs to level the city and cause widespread chaos
  • Genre: Bomb Action


  • Mantle
A mantle Illusion uses to summon Moebas or Triangulars.
  • Float
An ability in which Illusion curves his body and allows him to float in the air.
  • Bombing Stick (ハゼロステッキ Hasero Sutekki?)
Illusion's primary weapon which he uses to cast spells (such as making parts of his body disappear, controlling objects and having them fly toward his enemies and detonate, firing energy beams, or making illusions to confuse his enemies).
  • Fusionusion (フージョンユージョン Fujyonyujyon?)
A spell Illusion uses to power himself up by combining himself with some Triangulars to become an armored version of himself.
  • Trangranangran (トラグランアングラン Toragurananguran?)
A spell Illusion uses to summon a fleet of Triangular while giant.
  • Summon Triangular
Allows Illusion to summon a barrage of flying Triangular from his hands and legs while using Fusionusion.
  • Combo: Illonlsion (イルオンルジオン Iruonjion?)
A combo move which allows Illusion to turn any object the Bombing Stick touched into a bomb.

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