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This article is about a/an wpisode in Power Rangers S.P.D.

Idol is the ninth episode of Power Rangers SPD.


When Sky's old friend Dru returns to the Academy after being missing in action, he makes an attempt on Cruger's life. Sky must stop Dru before he completes his mission given to him by Broodwing.


Jack is in charge of S.P.D. while Commander Cruger is away at an intergalactic conference. While Jack is running his mouth, the other Rangers try to alert him of an alien ship crash. The Rangers morph into action and call upon the Delta Runners. They assemble the Delta Squad Megazord and use water to put out the fire from the crash. Sky finds the person that was piloting the ship, was his old comrade - Dru, who was missing in action. They both share tangarian coils to represent their friendship. Jack, Sky, and Dru target practice in the practice range. Jack shows his skill by getting a perfect score. But Dru is able to take out all the targets with just one shot. Dru alarms Jack, when he comes looking for Commander Cruger at four in the morning. Jack confronts Dru about his absence and says he needs to be re-evaluated. Dru transforms into Giganus; his true form, once he is in his room. The next morning at breakfast, Jack tries to apoligize to Sky, but Sky tells him to mind his own business. Kat informs the Rangers that an intruder is in the engine room. Jack is convinced that Dru is the monster, but Sky won't hear of it. Commander Cruger returns to the Delta Base, and questions about the security breach. Just then, Doggie is shot by the intruder. Sky confronts Giganus and tells him to surrender. Dru reveals his identity to Sky, and that money and power are all that's important. Meanwhile, Doggie wakes up in sickbay. Broodwing demands that Dru exterminate Commander Cruger. Sky and Dru face off, and the Blue Ranger wins with his Deltamax Striker. Giganus grows, and the Rangers form the Delta Squad Megazord to stop him. Sky puts Dru under arrest. Emperor Gruumm declares that he will not rest until the Rangers are destroyed in the name of the magnificence. Sky is forced to clean the pavement with a toothbrush as punishment for not following protocol. Jack tries to be a friend by helping, until Sky reveals that he is actually using Jack's toothbrush to clean with.



  • When Doggie Cruger returns to Delta Base, one of the S.P.D. cadets present upon his return has the head and arms of Arachnor.

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