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The Hyper Ressha (ハイパーレッシャー Haipā Ressha) is the personal mecha of Hyper ToQ 1gou in Ressha Sentai ToQger, which transforms into Hyper Ressha TeiOh.


Hyper Ressha: The Hyper Ressha is a giant golden tank locomotive piloted by Hyper ToQ 1Gou. It is often used as a headquarters by the Rainbow Line President, but can be used in battle against the Shadow Line. It can use its lasers at its sides as weapons during train mode, This gigantic train serves as a station as well as headquarters for the President, the leader of the Rainbow Line. Baron Nero claims the terminal is the Rainbow Line's equivalent to the Shadow Line's Castle Terminal.

Hyper Ressha Terminal (ハイパーレッシャターミナル Haipā Ressha Tāminaru) is the transformed form of Hyper Ressha that carries the five main resshas of the ToQgers as well as the components of Diesel-Oh, Build Ressha, Fire Ressha, Police Ressha, Drill Ressha and Shield Ressha.


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Hyper Ressha Henkei Hyper Ressha TeiOh

Hyper Ressha Henkei Hyper Ressha TeiOh (ハイパー列車変形ハイパーレッシャテイオー Haipā Ressha Henkei Haipā Ressha Teiō, Hyper Express Transformation Hyper Express Emperor) is the Warrior Mode of the Hyper Ressha. Hyper Ressha TeiOh is armed with blaster cannons in its fingers called the Hand Launchers (ハンドランチャー Hando Ranchā). As its hands are immobile, Hyper Ressha TeiOh uses karate chops when engaging enemies in close range combat.  It's finishing move is the Hyper Ressha TeiOh Giant Flash (ハイパーレッシャテイオージャイアントフラッシュ Haipā Ressha Teiō Jaianto Furasshu), a triple red and gold energy beam fired from its hands and chest.

Hyper Ressha Gattai ToQ Rainbow

Hyper Ressha Gattai ToQ Rainbow (ハイパー烈車合体トッキュウレインボー Haipā Ressha Gattai Tokkyū Reinbō) is the largest and most powerful combination the ToQgers have in their arsenal, towering over all but the largest of opponents.

What was originally Hyper Ressha TeiOh's arms are mounted on its ankles, but can be transferred to ToQ Rainbow's forearms to form the arm mounted Rainbow Beam Cannons (レインボービームキャノン Reinbō Bīmu Kyanon) or changed into the Rainbow Blade (レインボーブレード Reinbō Burēdo)arm swords which it uses for its Rainbow Slash (レインボースラッシュ Reinbō Surasshu) attack. ToQ Rainbow's finisher is the ToQ Rainbow Final Slash (トッキュウレインボーファイナルスラッシュ Tokkyū Reinbō Fainaru Surasshu), an energized double slash with the Rainbow Blades.

ToQ Ressha

Hyper ToQRessha

Hyper Ressha

Hyper Ressha (ハイパーレッシャー Haipā Ressha) - This ToQ Ressha enables a ToQger to enter Hyper Mode and is used as ammo for the Daikaiten Cannon. It also summons the Support Ressha, Hyper Ressha.


  • This Ressha has similar capabilities with the KingLiner in Kamen Rider Den-O; having a train and a terminal form and also serves as the headquarters for the main mentor of the allies (Station Manager of Den-O & Rainbow Line's President of ToQger).
  • The Hyper Ressha in train form is similar to the 2-6-4 C11 tank loco on Japanese railways, as it has smoke deflectors and the same wheel arrangement.
  • Hyper Ressha TeiOh's finger guns are similar to the ones that DekaBase Robo has.
    • While DekaBase Robo fires missiles through its fingers, they are both also similar due to their capacity to fire a powerful beam from the chest.
  • The ToQgers require authorization from President in order to use this certain Ressha.
  • ToQ Rainbow is at present the single largest train-themed mecha in all of Super Sentai, beating the previous largest, Grand Liner, by 8 meters.
  • The Hyper Ressha is the first shared Sentai Power Up since the Secret Analysis Case Inromaru and the Kyoryu Disk from the 33rd Super Sentai Samurai Sentai Shinkenger.
    • It has the biggest similarities with the Kyoryu Disk as both when used add the word hyper to the beginning of the name of the Ranger that uses it.

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