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This article is about a/an monster in Chikyuu Sentai Fiveman.

Hyoukobragin (ヒョウコブラルギン Hyōkoburagin?) (35) is the Combined Galactic Warrior of the Silver Imperial Army Zone, combining attributes of a panther and a cobra Galactic Warriors.


Character History

Hyoukobragin is brought to Earth to deal with Gaku and Fiveman during a period where the team becomes belligerent to helping their eldest brother when he holds out a secret from them regarding his caretaking of them during their childhood. However once they find out about what their eldest brother has done, the five reunite, using their passion to destroy the monser with the Brother Attack. After Chevalier summons Gorlin #30 to deal with them, it is ultimately destroyed by FiveRobo's Super-Dimensional Sword.


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  • Possessing the ferocity of both a panther and a cobra, this Galactic Warrior uses its speed and stealth for combat.

Behind the Scenes


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