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This article is about a/an giant robo in Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger.
HSG - GaoIcarus
Combined From:
Sentai Show: Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger
First Appearance: Quest 31: The Hundred-Beast Squadron, Annihilated!!
Last Appearance: Quest 47: The Steam Engine Roars!
Number of Episode

Full list of appearances
Length: m
Width: 80 m
Height: 70 m
Weight: 4790 t
Speed: 8575.3 km/h
Power: 70,000,000

"Hyakujuu Fusion! GaoIcarus!"

Hyakujuu Gattai GaoIcarus (百獣合体ガオイカロス Hyakujū Gattai GaoIkarosu): Called the "Heavenly Spirit King" (天空の精霊王, Tenkū no Serei Ō), it is the combination of GaoFalcon, GaoGiraffe, GaoDeers, and GaoRhinos & GaoMadillo. GaoIcarus first appeared in Episode 31 to fight against Ultimate Form Ura. It is capable of flight by using GaoFalcon's wings, or it can use them as a shield, called Defense Mode (ディフェンスモード, Difensu Mōdo). The eye designs on GaoFalcon's wings are able to freeze an Org in place with the Icarus Bind (イカロスバインド, Ikarosu Baindo) technique. Its finishing move is Ultimate Heavenly Technique: Icarus Dynamite (究極天技イカロスダイナマイト, Kyūkyoku Tengi: Ikarosu Dainamaito), which is an enhanced version of the various Rhino Shoot finishers, where GaoIcarus performs a flip kick while in midair to propel GaoMadillo toward the Org from above to destroy it after performing Strong Flash Kick Rhino Shoot (強蹴一閃ライノシュート, Kyōshū Issen Raino Shūto). Along with GaoRed, GaoIcarus appear in the bonus stage for the PlayStation game Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger.

Additional Combinations

Another Foot & Arm

"Hyakujuu Armament! GaoIcarus Another Foot & Arm!"

GaoIcarus Another Foot and Arm (ガオイカロスアナザーフット&アーム, GaoIkarosu Anazā Futto ando Āmu): Once when all the other Power Animals but GaoFalcon that make up GaoIcarus were badly damaged from Steam Engine Org, GaoFalcon fused with GaoWolf, GaoHammerhead, and GaoBison to create the "New Heavenly Spirit King" (新たなる天空の精霊王, Aratanaru Tenkū no Serei Ō). In this form, it is also armed with the Ligator Blade and its finishing move is called Demon Destruction Icarus Breaker (悪鬼撃滅イカロスブレイカー, Akki Gekimetsu Ikarosu Bureikā), where GaoIcarus dashes forward and drives the Crescent Boomerang into the enemy with the Ligator Blade.

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