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This article is about a/an changer in Ninpu Sentai Hurricaneger.
Hurricane Gyro
Used by: Hurricanegers
Produced by: Sensei Mugensai Hinata
Special System: Shinobi Medals
Production Order
G-Brace Phone
Gourai Changer

The Hurricane Gyros (ハリケンジャイロ Hariken Jairo?) are the transformation tools of the Hurricanegers, which are also capable of shooting  Gyro Shuriken (ジャイロ手裏剣 Jairo Shuriken?) at opponents.  To transform, the hurricangers shout "Ninpuu, Shinobi Change!" (忍風・シノビチェンジ! Ninpū Shinobi Chenji!?) and spin their Shinobi Medals mounted on the front of the brace to equip their Ninja Suits.

Transformation Sequence

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